WATER-ALLIES is an initiative  started by the professional members of Environmental & Water Resource Institute (EWRI), Virginia section. EWRI is a water centric organization of American Society of Civil Engineers(ASCE), a professional worldwide association of civil & Environmental Engineers. One of the major objectives of EWRI is to promote the work in the field of environment, water & sanitation engineering and provide assistance in the form of technical and social resources .

In line with the above mission, Water-Allies was created with an aim to present the information of various non-profits working towards the issue of water and sanitation in India. We wish to create a platform where a long term symbiotic relationship may exist between these NGOs and the international partner organization supporting them. Also with the execution of this idea, we intend to bring awareness of these NGOs among the youth (college grads, working professionals) and provide them with opportunities to get involved and make a difference. The EWRI team has studied more than 150 nonprofits and currently more than 30 such organizations are a part of the initiative.



ASCE-EWRI- Virginia

    Water-Allies Presentation