The Change Campaign

Change Campaign is an initiative to encourage donations of dimes, quarters and, other valued coins. The money collected will be used by Sehgal Foundation to install Bio-Sand Filters in Haryana. Cost of each biosand filter is about $40 which can save a family of 4-8 members from water-borne disease, and from impact of arsenic and iron. We are looking for volunteers to adopt the change campaign at work places or other holiday events. (

Case Study : Arsenic in drinking water

Arsenic in drinking-water can cause health problems and if persistent can cause death. We are looking for someone to perform a literature review on the causes & effects of Arsenic in water and cost effective techniques to remove it.

Clean Drinking Water Project

United for Hope needs volunteers for clean drinking-water project for village Tirmasahun in Uttar-Pradesh. United for Hope has dug a 120ft deep well and installed a water purification system.

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